knot, acrylic on jute & fabric, 55in-x-36in-x-1.75in, 2019
Name Spectre, wood-and-paint, 7in-x-5in-x-8.5in, 2019
sweetheart-2019-acrylic and oil on fabric and wood with brush bristels, 12in x 12in x 4in
plain sight, acrylic & oil on wood & fabric, 5in-x-6in-x-2.75in, 2019
Crook’ed. tape, wood, hole, 10in-x-3.5in-x-2.5in, 2019
Liar, wood-fabric-tape-paint, 13in-x-9in-x-2in, 2019
anxious mister, oil & hair on fabric wrapped around part of chair with found wire, 4in-x-9in-x-4in, 2019
Black-and Brown, hair-extension-found-wire-chair-part-length-of-my-torso, 2019
her hands, acrylic-and-washcloth-with-rope-and-wood-on-salvage-pedestal-with-bug-infestation-5in-x-6in-x-2.75in, 2019
Bulge-2019-oil and staples on canvas board and frame- 24in x 18in x .5in
Pink, wood-wire-washcloth-and-fabric, 15in-x-15in-x-3in, 2017
oil-on-wood-6.5in-x-3in-x-1.5in, 2018
placeholder, oil-on-concrete-and-childs-hair-with-iron, 18in-x-18in-x-22in, 2017
Power, acrylic-on-wood-stone-dead-snake-49in-x-3.5in-x-12in, 2018
part-bind, wood-with-strap-and-acrylic-24in-x-20in-x-12in, 2018
stone-2015-oil and enamel on rock with steel wire-9.5in x 3in x 4in
Psychology of a dick head, acrylic-and-oil-on-cotton-55in-x-5in-x-9.5in, 2017
Mother and Child-2016-found materials-35inx27inx5in
both, and, oil-on-wood-11.25inx7.5inx1.75in, 2016
Mast-2016-acrylic on fabric with wood-16inx7.5inx2.25in